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Veteran of the War of Northern Aggression, Confederate States of America
Veteran of the War of Northern Aggression, Confederate States of America
  25 May 2022


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Broussard, Arthur 
b. 19 May 1873  Breaux Bridge, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, USA  28 May 2022
Broussard, Alcee 
   28 May 2022
Castille, Suzanne 
b. 1 Feb 1792  St. Martin Parish, Attakapas Territory, Louisiana  26 May 2022
Fontenot, Jean Louis 
b. 18 Dec 1687  Montierneuf, France  26 May 2022
Lunsford, M.M. 
   26 May 2022
Cormier, M.R. 
   26 May 2022
   26 May 2022
Cormier, Calvin J. 
b. 25 Jan 1939  Parks, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana  26 May 2022
Brasseaux, M. 
   26 May 2022
Cormier, D. 
   26 May 2022

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I74  Alphonse Alexandre Broussard  I75  Constance Bernard  20 Feb 1851  28 May 2022
 I70533  Felicien Cormier  I70534  Julie Champagne  11 Jan 1936  26 May 2022
 I70535  Calvin J. Cormier  I70538  R.    26 May 2022
 I70540  M.M. Lunsford  I70539  M.R. Cormier    26 May 2022
 I70537  M. Brasseaux  I70536  D. Cormier    26 May 2022
 I1786  Pierre Maximilian Melancon  I1791  Marie Zelina Savoie    26 May 2022
 I41905  Michel Treville Cormier, Jr.  I35950  Marie Azema Melancon  8 Nov 1838  26 May 2022
 I2507  Alexandre Wiltz  I2508  Susanne LeBlanc    26 May 2022
 I49372  Gervais Wiltz  I70529  Marie Arthemise Neraut  28 Feb 1848  26 May 2022
 I49339  Homer Camille Cormier  I70530  Arthemise Wiltz  23 Apr 1872  26 May 2022

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