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Veteran of the War of Northern Aggression, Confederate States of America
Veteran of the War of Northern Aggression, Confederate States of America
  2 Aug 2021
American Revolutionary War Veteran
American Revolutionary War Veteran
American Revolutionary War Veteran 
  25 Jul 2021

  17 Jul 2021


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Trahan, Martin 
b. 18 Nov 1843   2 Aug 2021
Hebert, Elodie 
b. Abt 1850   2 Aug 2021
Trahan, Pierre 
b. 28 Oct 1843   2 Aug 2021
Miguez, Victoire Coralie 
b. 29 Sep 1839  Iberia Parish, Louisiana  2 Aug 2021
Broussard, Carmelite Emelie 
b. 2 Oct 1810  St. Martin Parish, Attakapas, Territory of Louisiana  2 Aug 2021
Cormier, Francois 
b. 24 Dec 1812   2 Aug 2021
Cormier, Celeste 
b. 20 Mar 1849  Maurice, Vermilion Parish, Louisianae  2 Aug 2021
Trahan, Lesin 
b. 16 Sep 1842   2 Aug 2021
Trahan, Lodias 
   2 Aug 2021
Brookshire, Unknown 
   2 Aug 2021

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I64648  Maximilien Trahan  I64649  Marie Zeolide Landry    2 Aug 2021
 I65848  Pierre Trahan  I65869  Victoire Coralie Miguez  14 Aug 1872  2 Aug 2021
 I63805  Antoine Denis Trahan  I63806  Marguerite Hebert  6 Jul 1829  2 Aug 2021
 I65865  Lesin Trahan  I65866  Celeste Cormier    2 Aug 2021
 I65867  Francois Cormier  I65868  Carmelite Emelie Broussard  16 Aug 1830  2 Aug 2021
 I65860  Francois Evariste Trahan  I65861  Azelanza Marceaux  28 Feb 1870  2 Aug 2021
 I65863  Unknown Brookshire  I65862  Idolie Trahan    2 Aug 2021
 I63778  Evariste Trahan  I63779  Louisa Zoe Marceaux  13 Jul 1834  2 Aug 2021
 I65854  Desire Trahan  I65856  Marguerite Blanchard  20 Aug 1856  1 Aug 2021
 I71707  Nicolas Denis Trahan  I49910  Marie Laviolette    1 Aug 2021

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