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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allain, Charles Andre  25 Mar 1879New Brunswick I14363
2 Allain, Charles Andri  1832New Brunswick I10970
3 Allain, Louise  9 Jul 1870New Brunswick I11943
4 Allain, Marie Louise  1856New Brunswick I16803
5 Allain, Mary Ann  11 Mar 1864New Brunswick I11940
6 Arsenault, Catherine  1860New Brunswick I16880
7 Arsenault, Estella  1805New Brunswick I11946
8 Arsenault, Joseph  1837New Brunswick I10972
9 Arsenault, Joseph  1861New Brunswick I16888
10 Arsenault, Joseph Theophile  1858New Brunswick I16861
11 Arsenault, Marguerite Jane  1857New Brunswick I16822
12 Arsenault, Marie Lousie  1856New Brunswick I16816
13 Arsenault, Rose Anne  1849New Brunswick I16685
14 Arseneau, Flore  Feb 1861New Brunswick I16889
15 Bernard, Alexander  8 Oct 1863New Brunswick I16904
16 Bernard, Andrew  5 Oct 1870New Brunswick I16932
17 Bernard, Annie  1841New Brunswick I16571
18 Bernard, Elizabeth Anne  11 Oct 1861New Brunswick I10806
19 Bernard, Elzear  1856New Brunswick I16813
20 Bernard, Emilie Anne  1 Mar 1863New Brunswick I16900
21 Bernard, Guillaume  1858New Brunswick I16860
22 Bernard, Henry  19 May 1863New Brunswick I16902
23 Bernard, Honore  1858New Brunswick I16833
24 Bernard, James  6 Apr 1865New Brunswick I16910
25 Bernard, Jean Louis  1856New Brunswick I16812
26 Bernard, Marie  1860New Brunswick I16887
27 Bernard, Marie Elizabeth  7 Jul 1862New Brunswick I16897
28 Bernard, Mary  4 Aug 1863New Brunswick I10809
29 Bernard, Peter  Jan 1868New Brunswick I21877
30 Bernard, Peter  Jan 1868New Brunswick I16591
31 Bernard, Peter  26 May 1879New Brunswick I21916
32 Bernard, Peter  26 May 1879New Brunswick I16957
33 Boucher, Joseph John Adelard Wilbord  10 Feb 1899New Brunswick I17240
34 Bujold, Edward Denis  27 Feb 1879New Brunswick I16956
35 Bujold, Fabian  20 Jan 1881New Brunswick I16963
36 Bujold, George  11 Feb 1868New Brunswick I16924
37 Bujold, Marie Leona  1 Oct 1876New Brunswick I16948
38 Bujold, Mary Carolina  19 Jul 1874New Brunswick I16946
39 Bujold, Mellania Malvina  11 May 1870New Brunswick I16930
40 Caissie, Alexander  23 Mar 1864New Brunswick I16908
41 Caissie, Alexander  23 Mar 1864New Brunswick I21912
42 Caissie, Florence  1862New Brunswick I16893
43 Caissie, Joseph  1857New Brunswick I16825
44 Caissie, Mary Denise  1859New Brunswick I16875
45 Coady, Roasline  1856New Brunswick I16094
46 Cormier, Joseph  1812New Brunswick I13750
47 Diotte, Joseph Jacques  27 Jun 1896New Brunswick I17221
48 Dostie, *.   I54855
49 Dostie, *.   I54857
50 Doucet, Dennis  23 Jul 1872New Brunswick I11800

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bernard, Diana  Mar 1911New Brunswick I16462
2 Bernard, Elizabeth Anne  28 Nov 1944New Brunswick I10806
3 Bois, Alice  2 May 1993New Brunswick I12044
4 Bujold, Victorie  4 Jun 1809New Brunswick I12560
5 Dagenais, *Gérard  New Brunswick I54507
6 Doucet, Jean Polydore  1965New Brunswick I10857
7 Doucet, Leon  12 Oct 1968New Brunswick I11089
8 Doucet, Peter Thomas  Between 1906 and 1954New Brunswick I10805
9 Ernestine  1978New Brunswick I10858
10 Giroux, Clare  6 Apr 1903New Brunswick I17285
11 Giroux, Elizabeth  Between 1923 and 1999New Brunswick I11608
12 Giroux, John  16 Sep 1889New Brunswick I16722
13 Giroux, Marie Antoinette  11 Apr 1903New Brunswick I17286
14 Landry, Joseph Yvon  26 Mar 1961New Brunswick I11200
15 LeBlanc, Alexander  12 Aug 1905New Brunswick I17311
16 LeBlanc, Aurel Emaril  3 Aug 1899New Brunswick I17238
17 LeBlanc, Emile Leonide  7 Aug 1898New Brunswick I17223
18 LeBlanc, Eugenie  9 Jul 1947New Brunswick I11965
19 LeBlanc, John William  14 Mar 1887New Brunswick I11640
20 LeBlanc, Marie Lea  1984New Brunswick I11420
21 LeClerc, Andrew John  2 Jan 1961New Brunswick I11696
22 Levesque, Joseph Alexander  27 Aug 1907New Brunswick I17319
23 Levesque, Joseph Alexander  27 Aug 1907New Brunswick I21963
24 Levesque, Marie Esther  1957New Brunswick I10834
25 Levesque, Marie Genevieve Jane  14 Jun 1909New Brunswick I10837
26 Marcotte, Virginie  Between 1902 and 1953New Brunswick I11220
27 Marcoux, James  31 Oct 1889New Brunswick I11988
28 Marcoux, James  31 Oct 1889New Brunswick I20744
29 Marcoux, Joseph  15 Apr 1896New Brunswick I17220
30 McIntyre, Edward  1973New Brunswick I11292
31 McIntyre, Elizabeth Jeanne Anne  1975New Brunswick I11323
32 McIntyre, Emma Jeanne  1951New Brunswick I11086
33 McIntyre, Hector  31 Jul 1986New Brunswick I11356
34 McIntyre, Joseph  10 Apr 1942New Brunswick I11219
35 McIntyre, Joseph William  26 Feb 1936New Brunswick I10833
36 McIntyre, Josephine  Oct 1899New Brunswick I17235
37 McIntyre, Josephine  Oct 1899New Brunswick I21955
38 McIntyre, Marie Honora Jeanne  10 Jul 1969New Brunswick I11088
39 McIntyre, Marie Malvina  15 May 1976New Brunswick I10998
40 McIntyre, Pauline  18 Jul 1960New Brunswick I11434
41 McIntyre, William  13 Mar 1897New Brunswick I11083
42 Paradis, Jeanne  2 Dec 1986New Brunswick I11297
43 Pierre, Albert St  1984New Brunswick I11330
44 Poirier, Philomene  17 Jan 1923New Brunswick I20611
45 Poirier, Philomene  17 Jan 1923New Brunswick I11012
46 Savoie, William  28 Jun 1904New Brunswick I11648
47 Vienneau, Arthur  Between 1923 and 1994New Brunswick I11609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dagenais, *Gérard  New Brunswick I54507


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Currie / Muzerolle  Abt 1929New Brunswick F21606
2 McIntyre / Degrace  28 Nov 1911New Brunswick F7541

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