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Charlo, New Brunswick



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allain, Anastasia  1854Charlo, New Brunswick I16780
2 Allain, Marie Malvina  19 Jun 1894Charlo, New Brunswick I17211
3 Arsenault, John Nelson  12 Sep 1887Charlo, New Brunswick I17107
4 Arsenault, Marie Madeleine  13 May 1892Charlo, New Brunswick I17200
5 Arsenault, Rosane  12 Jun 1894Charlo, New Brunswick I17209
6 Arseneau, Jean  1862Charlo, New Brunswick I16502
7 Bernard, Arthur  23 May 1916Charlo, New Brunswick I10987
8 Bernard, Joseph Louis  19 Mar 1885Charlo, New Brunswick I17098
9 Bernard, Joseph Louis  19 Mar 1885Charlo, New Brunswick I21937
10 Bernard, Joseph Osias  1854Charlo, New Brunswick I16791
11 Bernard, William Andrew  2 Nov 1872Charlo, New Brunswick I16590
12 Bertand, Joseph Herman Hector /Bertin  13 Aug 1913Charlo, New Brunswick I16639
13 Cormier, Jean Baptiste  1854Charlo, New Brunswick I16785
14 Doucet, Donald Albert  Mar 1856Charlo, New Brunswick I16802
15 Doucet, Edward Denis  2 Feb 1874Charlo, New Brunswick I16647
16 Doucet, Fidele  25 Dec 1878Charlo, New Brunswick I10852
17 Doucet, James  24 Aug 1899Charlo, New Brunswick I16661
18 Doucet, Jean Polydore  11 Jun 1890Charlo, New Brunswick I10857
19 Doucet, Jean Thomas  9 Jan 1896Charlo, New Brunswick I16658
20 Doucet, Joseph  28 Dec 1892Charlo, New Brunswick I16657
21 Doucet, Joseph  28 Dec 1892Charlo, New Brunswick I21886
22 Doucet, Joseph Flavien  25 Jan 1886Charlo, New Brunswick I10855
23 Doucet, Joseph Honore  12 Dec 1888Charlo, New Brunswick I20579
24 Doucet, Joseph Honore  12 Dec 1888Charlo, New Brunswick I10807
25 Doucet, Marie Adele  12 Mar 1892Charlo, New Brunswick I16648
26 Doucet, Marie Gertrude  20 Jun 1888Charlo, New Brunswick I10856
27 Doucet, Marie Lorette  17 Aug 1884Charlo, New Brunswick I10859
28 Doucet, Marie Louise  7 Dec 1890Charlo, New Brunswick I10808
29 Doucet, Marie Lucy Eugenie  14 Jul 1909Charlo, New Brunswick I10784
30 Doucet, Marie Marguerite  1855Charlo, New Brunswick I16792
31 Doucet, Marie Marguerite  25 Sep 1897Charlo, New Brunswick I16659
32 Doucet, Mary Anastasie  21 Apr 1880Charlo, New Brunswick I10853
33 Doucet, Mary Rose  30 May 1877Charlo, New Brunswick I10851
34 Doucet, Rose  1855Charlo, New Brunswick I16795
35 Drapeau, Flore  Between 1852 and 1875Charlo, New Brunswick I17609
36 Fournier, Ludger  1889Charlo, New Brunswick I11957
37 Giroux, Elizabeth  1872Charlo, New Brunswick I11014
38 Giroux, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1907Charlo, New Brunswick I11608
39 Giroux, Joseph Jean Eseau  1 Dec 1890Charlo, New Brunswick I16721
40 Giroux, Marie Leopoldine  2 Oct 1887Charlo, New Brunswick I17108
41 Goulette, Eleanne  Between 1856 and 1883Charlo, New Brunswick I17252
42 Goulette, Marguert Winnifred  16 Feb 1913Charlo, New Brunswick I11065
43 Goulette, Marie Ida  6 Jan 1891Charlo, New Brunswick I17196
44 Joncas, Christine Clara Marguerite  25 Oct 1903Charlo, New Brunswick I16610
45 Landry, Joseph Gilbert  2 Mar 1909Charlo, New Brunswick I11201
46 Laviolette, Alexander  3 Jul 1880Charlo, New Brunswick I11227
47 Laviolette, Emi  1853Charlo, New Brunswick I16774
48 Laviolette, Flavien  28 May 1859Charlo, New Brunswick I16868
49 Laviolette, Joseph  Between 1843 and 1872Charlo, New Brunswick I22009
50 Laviolette, Joseph  Between 1843 and 1872Charlo, New Brunswick I17608

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allard, Marie Christine  28 Sep 1892Charlo, New Brunswick I12621
2 Arsenault, Alexander Sylvestre  1966Charlo, New Brunswick I11251
3 Arsenault, Joseph Isaac  26 Feb 1880Charlo, New Brunswick I13723
4 Arsenault, Marie Madeleine  28 May 1892Charlo, New Brunswick I17200
5 Arsenault, Mary Rose  6 Jul 1891Charlo, New Brunswick I10934
6 Arsenault, Rosane  16 Jun 1894Charlo, New Brunswick I17209
7 Arsenault, Rose Anne  Between 1889 and 1944Charlo, New Brunswick I16685
8 Arseneau, Anastasie  7 Sep 1908Charlo, New Brunswick I10843
9 Arseneau, Isaac  2 Mar 1880Charlo, New Brunswick I16739
10 Audet, Flora  13 Mar 1922Charlo, New Brunswick I11022
11 Bernard, Estelle  1963Charlo, New Brunswick I11202
12 Bernard, Joseph  Sep 1916Charlo, New Brunswick I17612
13 Bernard, Joseph  Sep 1916Charlo, New Brunswick I22010
14 Bernard, Joseph  1943Charlo, New Brunswick I10986
15 Bernard, Joseph  1943Charlo, New Brunswick I20606
16 Bernard, Pierre Babilas  30 Jun 1884Charlo, New Brunswick I11662
17 Bertand, Joseph Herman Hector /Bertin  Aug 1913Charlo, New Brunswick I16639
18 Bertelotte, Marie  Mar 1884Charlo, New Brunswick I11733
19 Bujold, Edward Denis  31 Aug 1902Charlo, New Brunswick I16956
20 Bujold, Mary Carolina  28 Mar 1884Charlo, New Brunswick I16946
21 Cloutier, Mary Gluky  7 Aug 1884Charlo, New Brunswick I10937
22 Doucet, Anne  25 May 1881Charlo, New Brunswick I13734
23 Doucet, Joseph  28 Dec 1892Charlo, New Brunswick I16657
24 Doucet, Joseph  28 Dec 1892Charlo, New Brunswick I21886
25 Doucet, Joseph Alexander  1958Charlo, New Brunswick I10785
26 Doucet, Marie Lorette  25 May 1885Charlo, New Brunswick I10859
27 Doucet, Marie Lucy Eugenie  Between 1958 and 1999Charlo, New Brunswick I10784
28 Doucet, Mary Rose  18 May 1913Charlo, New Brunswick I10851
29 Giroux, Agnes  1947Charlo, New Brunswick I11000
30 Giroux, Amedee  1979Charlo, New Brunswick I10979
31 Giroux, Jean Omer  1981Charlo, New Brunswick I10981
32 Giroux, Marie  Between 1894 and 1948Charlo, New Brunswick I16629
33 Goulette, Elizabeth  1946Charlo, New Brunswick I10923
34 Goulette, Joseph  Between 1893 and 1943Charlo, New Brunswick I16628
35 Harquail, Joseph  1860Charlo, New Brunswick I16827
36 Joncas, Christine Clara Marguerite  11 Aug 1904Charlo, New Brunswick I16610
37 Joncas, Martin  1959Charlo, New Brunswick I11048
38 Landry, Anna  17 Aug 1955Charlo, New Brunswick I11021
39 Landry, Eugenie  1972Charlo, New Brunswick I11355
40 Landry, Joseph Gilbert  1986Charlo, New Brunswick I11201
41 Landry, Octave  Between 1895 and 1967Charlo, New Brunswick I20621
42 Landry, Octave  Between 1895 and 1967Charlo, New Brunswick I11067
43 Landry, Philippe  5 Sep 1960Charlo, New Brunswick I11193
44 Laviolette, Alexander  1962Charlo, New Brunswick I11227
45 Laviolette, Flora  1954Charlo, New Brunswick I11344
46 Laviolette, Howard  1980Charlo, New Brunswick I11229
47 Laviolette, James  Between 1889 and 1931Charlo, New Brunswick I16684
48 Laviolette, Peter  22 Mar 1904Charlo, New Brunswick I17289
49 Laviolette, Sara  28 Jul 1869Charlo, New Brunswick I13724
50 LeBlanc, Conrad  18 Jul 1967Charlo, New Brunswick I11594

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LeBlanc / McIntyre  28 Apr 1878Charlo, New Brunswick F4830
2 LeBlanc / McIntyre  28 Apr 1878Charlo, New Brunswick F4829
3 Savoie / Parent  7 Jan 1893Charlo, New Brunswick F4413

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