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Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aresenault, Claude  Between 1730 and 1759Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19552
2 Arsenault, Francois  1 Sep 1805Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I10945
3 Arsenault, Jean Pierre  29 Jan 1790Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I14802
4 Arsenault, Joseph  4 Jun 1795Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I10932
5 Arsenault, Marie Sara  3 Feb 1805Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I12625
6 Arsenault, Mary Rose  3 Apr 1800Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I10934
7 Arsenault, Sophie  15 May 1793Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I16231
8 Arsenault, Theodsie  15 Dec 1788Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I16228
9 Arseneau, Anastasie  16 Nov 1825Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I10843
10 Bergeron, Reine  7 Jan 1778Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I10929
11 LeBlanc, Isaac  10 Jun 1825Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I16269
12 Poirier, Felicite  3 Jun 1792Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19290
13 Poirier, Felix  22 Nov 1775Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19282
14 Poirier, Fidele Joseph  31 Mar 1779Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19284
15 Poirier, Julie  6 Nov 1780Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19285
16 Poirier, Lazare  1 Sep 1777Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19283
17 Poirier, Marguerite  18 Mar 1788Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19288
18 Poirier, Nicolas  7 Aug 1789Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19289
19 Poirier, Rosalie  24 May 1786Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19287
20 Poirier, Venerande  2 Jul 1784Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I19286
21 Richard, Marie Therese  7 Dec 1778Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I14472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arsenault, Florent  23 Oct 1844Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I12628
2 Arsenault, Marie Lucie  24 Sep 1806Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I13698
3 Arsenault, Marie Sara  2 Sep 1866Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I12625
4 Arsenault, Marie Therese  28 Dec 1813Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I10965
5 Bernard, Marguerite  15 Mar 1861Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I12627
6 Bernard, Marguerite  15 Mar 1861Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I20803
7 LeBlanc, Isaac  27 Jun 1836Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I16269
8 Poisset, Louise Francoise  26 Dec 1837Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec I13704


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allain / Poirier  3 Jan 1794Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F8825
2 Allard / Richard  16 Feb 1801Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F5341
3 Arsenault / Johnson  13 Apr 1829Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7592
4 Bujold / Arsenault  2 Nov 1791Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7600
5 Doyle / Arsenault  19 Oct 1818Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7587
6 Doyle / Arsenault  19 Oct 1818Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7588
7 Dugas / Arseneau  23 Jan 1844Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7595
8 Dugas / Arseneau  23 Jan 1844Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7596
9 LeBlanc / Bourg  26 Apr 1776Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F6229
10 Levesque / McBrearty  16 Aug 1881Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F4404
11 McGuire / LeBlanc  7 Nov 1837Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7608
12 McIntyre / Landry  29 Aug 1905Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F4685
13 Poirier / Guite  28 Jan 1845Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F8916
14 Ruchot / Arsenault  17 Apr 1814Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7602
15 Savoie / Arsenault  14 Nov 1797Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec F7601

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