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Vermilion Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abshire, *Marie Emma  16 May 1877Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41309
2 Abshire, Marie Anathalie  1847Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68735
3 Baudoin, Zulma  1 Jan 1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47723
4 Bertrand, *Adolphe  11 Feb 1876Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41308
5 Bertrand, Elda  20 Jul 1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68005
6 Bertrand, Zoe  5 Apr 1866Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I66029
7 Boudreaux, Rene  28 Oct 1887Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47836
8 Broussard, *Modestine  11 Nov 1883Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I45918
9 Broussard, Angele Elizna  6 Apr 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I49700
10 Broussard, Aurelien Theodore  20 Jan 1863Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I67552
11 Broussard, Barton John  1 Jun 1957Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47884
12 Broussard, Clesme "Jun" Jr.  30 Nov 1909Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47887
13 Broussard, Edouard Belisaire  26 Sep 1861Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47722
14 Broussard, Eugene  7 Apr 1908Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69054
15 Broussard, Eunice  3 Nov 1893Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69280
16 Broussard, Eva  1878Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69123
17 Broussard, Gustavine  16 May 1905Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69052
18 Broussard, Jean Theon  21 Nov 1859Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I65408
19 Broussard, Lapelle  10 Oct 1899Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69050
20 Broussard, Louise  25 Sep 1894Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69049
21 Broussard, Mercedes  25 Dec 1891Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69047
22 Broussard, Oscar  7 Feb 1911Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69057
23 Broussard, Paul Villier  25 Jan 1872Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47850
24 Broussard, Pierre  18 Apr 913Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69058
25 Broussard, Rene E  8 Dec 1879Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47829
26 Broussard, Umea  8 Mar 1903Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69051
27 Choate, Fannie  11 Dec 1858Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I70219
28 Cloteaux, Lucy  18 Oct 1891Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I70034
29 Dartes, Parfait Arcade  18 Apr 1874Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68885
30 Desormeaux, Desire  6 Mar 1854Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I67636
31 Dronet, Ursille  21 Nov 1844Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41100
32 Dugas, *Marie Uranie  28 Nov 1836Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I46232
33 Duhon, Aurelien Delphi Jr.  28 May 1831Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I46231
34 Duhon, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1863Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I67653
35 Duhon, Martila  2 Jun 1851Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47815
36 Hargrave, George  1810Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I65903
37 Hargrave, Levi  1 Oct 1836Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I65910
38 Harrington, *Celeste  26 Feb 1858Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I46223
39 Hebert, Josephine Delphine  21 Aug 1855Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69233
40 Hebert, Nathilia  1 Apr 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I67688
41 Hebert, Phillippe  1879Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69244
42 Landry, Helene  17 Feb 1873Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68566
43 Landry, Joseph  13 Jul 1845Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I45946
44 Landry, Joseph Denis  24 Feb 1862Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68459
45 Langlinais, Aristide  9 Aug 1869Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47642
46 Langlinais, Edmonia  19 Dec 1873Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47964
47 LeBlanc, Euphemie  Abt 1830Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I49773
48 Manceau, Donat  Abt 1858Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I64392
49 Manceau, Paul Ivey  12 Mar 1851Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I64419
50 Manceau, Silvestre Jr.  Abt 1851Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I64418

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abshire, Helena  16 Feb 1942Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68902
2 Abshire, Jacques  1 Jan 1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68914
3 Abshire, Melasie  4 Jan 1939Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68911
4 Baudoin, Pierre  1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I67546
5 Boudreaux, Jean Baptiste  29 Mar 1938Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47833
6 Broussard, Anne Uranie Magdeleine  1851Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I9647
7 Broussard, Barton John  8 Dec 1977Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47884
8 Broussard, Delzinde Hortense  19 Jun 1911Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I39336
9 Broussard, Gustavine  23 Nov 1969Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69052
10 Broussard, Hilaire Dositee  24 Jul 1899Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I49781
11 Broussard, Louise  30 Nov 1948Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69049
12 Broussard, Oscar  4 Nov 1977Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69057
13 Cloteaux, Lucy  9 Oct 1946Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I70034
14 Dronet, Jean Baptiste  10 Nov 1887Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I45935
15 Gutierrez, Joseph John Sr.  4 Aug 1890Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69316
16 Hebert, Alpha  21 Aug 1961Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69215
17 Lachaussee, Clemence  2 Jun 1947Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I66338
18 Landry, Joseph Denis  2 May 1927Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68459
19 Langlinais, Aristide  22 Apr 1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47642
20 LeBlanc, Cesaire  Jan 1862Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47635
21 Meaux, Euphemie  28 Jul 1904Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68996
22 Prejean, Honora  6 Oct 1965Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50188
23 Primeaux, Francis Numa  16 Sep 1896Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I49880
24 Primeaux, Gertie  19 Oct 2020Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I70028
25 Richard, *Othon  4 Apr 1935Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I46236
26 Roger, Fran├žois  Bef 1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50481
27 Ryan, Rebecca  19 Oct 1893Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I66012
28 Thibodeaux, *Elodie  6 Nov 1875Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I35283
29 Thibodeaux, Caesar  1936Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69053
30 Thibodeaux, Desire  25 Jan 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I45907
31 Thibodeaux, Emelie  1893Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47832
32 Thibodeaux, Marie Seraphine Domitille  28 May 1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I45926
33 Thibodeaux, Marie Silvanie  16 Oct 1886Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I34900
34 Thibodeaux, Pierre Paul Jr.  18 May 1869Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I23626
35 Thibodeaux, Pierre Paul  19 May 1869Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I36450
36 Trahan, Joseph  22 Nov 1968Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68287
37 Trahan, Marie Umea  18 Sep 1931Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I66264
38 Vincent, Clodora  1930Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I47876
39 Vincent, Elizabeth  9 Mar 1901Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69211


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Abshire, Ethel Eve  9 Mar 2019Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68903
2 Abshire, Helen A  Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68904
3 Abshire, Pervis Joseph  15 Sep 2018Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I68905


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Broussard / Guidry  20 Mar 1905Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F25923
2 Broussard / Nunez  Abt 1865Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F26387
3 Foreman / Bertrand  21 Jan 1895Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F25559
4 Trahan / Miller  19 Apr 1887Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F25712

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