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St.Landry, LA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boudreau, Benjamin  6 Oct 1817St.Landry, LA I27660
2 Boudreau, Judith  6 Oct 1817St.Landry, LA I27658
3 Boutin, Anastasie  2 Aug 1808St.Landry, LA I27694
4 Boutin, Francois Alexis  2 Aug 1803St.Landry, LA I27697
5 Boutin, Raphael Vital  21 Dec 1810St.Landry, LA I27693
6 Boutin, Ursule  1805St.Landry, LA I27696
7 Grange, Marie Alida La  12 Apr 1881St.Landry, LA I27726
8 Johnson, Alexandre  Sep 1822St.Landry, LA I27671
9 Johnson, Caroline  14 Oct 1805St.Landry, LA I27675
10 Johnson, Julienne  6 Feb 1812St.Landry, LA I27668
11 Johnson, Louise Marie  29 Jan 1810St.Landry, LA I27669
12 Johnson, Solomon Fortescue  22 Nov 1819St.Landry, LA I27673
13 Johnson, Therese  1 Nov 1801St.Landry, LA I27674
14 Johnson, Therese  5 Oct 1839St.Landry, LA I27727
15 Johnson, William  8 Dec 1799St.Landry, LA I27670
16 LaGrange, Emelite  10 Jul 1849St.Landry, LA I27735
17 LaGrange, Emilia  10 Nov 1850St.Landry, LA I27734
18 LaGrange, Joseph  28 Oct 1855St.Landry, LA I27730
19 LaGrange, Joseph Adolphe  12 Jan 1858St.Landry, LA I27732
20 LaGrange, Jules  4 Jul 1861St.Landry, LA I27724
21 LaGrange, Marie Alida  7 Nov 1853St.Landry, LA I27736
22 LaGrange, Marie Idalie  22 Jul 1852St.Landry, LA I27737
23 LaGrange, Terville  8 Oct 1824St.Landry, LA I27728
24 Marks, Marcelite  13 Jul 1815St.Landry, LA I27775
25 Mayer, Adeline  27 Sep 1828St.Landry, LA I27626
26 Mayer, Andre  5 Jul 1823St.Landry, LA I27712
27 Mayer, Andre Duprelon  14 Dec 1826St.Landry, LA I27688
28 Mayer, Azelie  4 Oct 1825St.Landry, LA I27686
29 Mayer, Delphine  28 Jul 1819St.Landry, LA I27704
30 Mayer, Emilienne  Feb 1809St.Landry, LA I27687
31 Mayer, Euphrosine  8 Aug 1809St.Landry, LA I27690
32 Mayer, Hedwidge  22 Jul 1815St.Landry, LA I27701
33 Mayer, Jean  6 Dec 1810St.Landry, LA I27680
34 Mayer, Jean Valerie  23 May 1803St.Landry, LA I27714
35 Mayer, Josephine  24 Sep 1820St.Landry, LA I27706
36 Mayer, Lisee  22 Oct 1806St.Landry, LA I27681
37 Mayer, Marie Claire  5 May 1824St.Landry, LA I27691
38 Mayer, Marie Felonise  10 Sep 1812St.Landry, LA I27709
39 Mayer, Nemesie  Mar 1802St.Landry, LA I27692
40 Mayer, Theodule  31 Jul 1817St.Landry, LA I27685
41 Mayer, Unnamed  1818St.Landry, LA I27708
42 Mayer, Vallerie  18 Aug 1813St.Landry, LA I27684
43 Morin, Jean Placide Jr.  1827St.Landry, LA I27655
44 Neraut, Delphine  23 Apr 1801St.Landry, LA I27682
45 Olivier, Felonise  11 Apr 1827St.Landry, LA I27729
46 Quebedeaux, Josephine  8 Nov 1825St.Landry, LA I27629
47 Robin, Andre Francois  27 Jan 1794St.Landry, LA I27772
48 Stelly, Berthile  4 May 1908St.Landry, LA I27718
49 Stelly, Frank  4 Mar 1918St.Landry, LA I27654


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ardouin, Francois  UNKNOWNSt.Landry, LA I27650
2 Boudreau, Judith  Between 1846 and 1911St.Landry, LA I27658
3 Boutin, Francois Alexis  Jul 1819St.Landry, LA I27697
4 Boutin, Paul  Feb 1801St.Landry, LA I27766
5 LaGrange, Emelite  Between 1850 and 1943St.Landry, LA I27735
6 LaGrange, Joseph Adolphe  Between 1859 and 1948St.Landry, LA I27732
7 LaGrange, Jules  May 1885St.Landry, LA I27724
8 LaGrange, Terville  Between 1864 and 1915St.Landry, LA I27728
9 Marks, Balthazar (Iii)  Mar 1824St.Landry, LA I27738
10 Marks, Euphrosine  Jul 1806St.Landry, LA I27739
11 Marks, Jean Baptiste  Apr 1820St.Landry, LA I27741
12 Marks, Marie Magdeleine  Jan 1819St.Landry, LA I27793
13 Mayer, Unnamed  Aug 1821St.Landry, LA I27708
14 Morin, Celeste  Dec 1811St.Landry, LA I27788
15 Morin, Jean Placide Jr.  Apr 1876St.Landry, LA I27655
16 Neraut, Delphine  1822St.Landry, LA I27682
17 Quebedeau, Laurine (Honorine)  Jan 1846St.Landry, LA I27632
18 Quebedeau, Magdalene  Nov 1852St.Landry, LA I27633
19 Quebedeaux, Jean Baptiste  26 Feb 1831St.Landry, LA I27627
20 Robin, Andre Francois  Dec 1840St.Landry, LA I27772
21 Taylor, Anaspei  Between 1812 and 1869St.Landry, LA I27767


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hernandes / Quebedeau  20 Jun 1809St.Landry, LA F11548

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