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St. Landry Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arabie, Edmond Joseph Jr.  23 Jan 1856St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I65072
2 Blanchard, Adelaide  26 Jun 1838St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I35048
3 Breaux, *Azelia "Zelia"  25 Feb 1832St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I48722
4 Credar, Alicia  5 Mar 1887St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62336
5 Credeur, Julien  4 Feb 1856St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62393
6 Devillier, Francois Louis Coulon  26 Apr 1845St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62276
7 Devillier, Julie  13 Oct 1841St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62277
8 Devillier, Louisa Coulon  9 Oct 1838St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62275
9 Dufilho, Edmee Louise  9 Jul 1869St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62230
10 Fontenot, Marie Jeanne  Abt 1762St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I4853
11 Fontenot, Modeste Larose  Abt 15 Aug 1797St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I5416
12 Gautreaux, *Zelima Zeloma Azelina  27 Sep 1841St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I35066
13 Gonor, Azelie  16 Jul 1835St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62303
14 Guillory, Louis  30 Oct 1779St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I5403
15 H├ębert, Sidalise  20 Oct 1831St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I46237
16 Hidalgo, Theobert  30 Aug 1887St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62180
17 Hollier, Adolph Marshall Sr.  1 Aug 1899St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62208
18 Hollier, Antonio Joseph  18 Jul 1890St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62157
19 Hollier, Armand Jacques Clement  9 Oct 1863St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62124
20 Hollier, Aurelia  24 Jan 1844St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62256
21 Hollier, Clement Jr.  12 Jan 1814St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62119
22 Hollier, Corinne Marie  9 Oct 1865St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62123
23 Hollier, Isaure Marie  7 Jun 1857St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62251
24 Hollier, John  Abt 1854St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62281
25 Hollier, Mabel Marie  12 Sep 1897St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62202
26 Hollier, Norman Joseph  20 Nov 1902St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62220
27 Hollier, Sidney Joseph  3 Jan 1872St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62121
28 Lambert, Stanislaus  13 Jan 1872St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62229
29 Latiolais, Josephine  22 Jun 1820St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I67740
30 Ledoux, Onezime James  Abt 1841St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I70524
31 Lejeune, Jean B.  05 Spe 1818St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I64331
32 Lyons, Elvira  1824St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I70311
33 Mayer, Andre  1751St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I28858
34 Ortego, Celeste  30 Jan 1865St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I5430
35 Quebedeaux, Pauline  Abt Oct 1815St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I27749
36 Quebedeaux, Toussaint  13 Aug 1818St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I32402
37 Richard, *Marguerite Victorie  Abt Apr 1780St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I48703
38 Richard, Clement Edouard  16 Oct 1868St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62260
39 Richard, Marie Clara  19 Oct 1870St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62261
40 Roy, Celeste  Abt 1807St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62248
41 Roy, Louisiana  26 Mar 1890St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I64944
42 Stelly, Azelete  25 Oct 1914St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I27521
43 Thibodeau, Anne Marie  1769St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I66698
44 Thibodeau, Pierre  29 Aug 1776St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I19116
45 Thibodeaux, *Adeline  Abt Dec 1841St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I49845
46 Thibodeaux, *Anais  Abt Jun 1858St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I48771
47 Thibodeaux, *Auguste  6 Sep 1872St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I50089
48 Thibodeaux, *Jean Gualbert  20 Oct 1885St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I51003
49 Thibodeaux, *Marie Armenie Erminie  9 Aug 1879St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I48794
50 Thibodeaux, *Marie Euzeide  15 Mar 1859St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I49857

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bihm, *Marie Azeline  1890St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I54171
2 D'Avy, Joseph Ducoudray Sr.  21 Feb 1919St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62131
3 Fisher, Daniel  28 Oct 1958St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62156
4 Fontenot, Marie Jeanne  13 Nov 1843St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I4853
5 Fontenot, Modeste Larose  Bef 20 Jan 1835St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I5416
6 Guillory, Louis  15 Jan 1824St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I5403
7 Hollier, Daisey May  27 Apr 1958St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62155
8 Hollier, Godfroy Jean Baptiste  Abt 1 Apr 1830St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62111
9 Hollier, Isaure Marie  14 Mar 1954St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62251
10 Hollier, Lillian  7 Aug 1964St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62179
11 Hollier, Lucina C.  30 Apr 1936St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62271
12 Recuron, Marie Catherine  5 Dec 1818St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I4233
13 Richard, Clement Edouard  28 Jun 1869St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62260
14 Richard, Victor  7 Sep 1808St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I39756
15 Roy, Marie Hermogatine  2 Sep 1856St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62301
16 Roy, Victorin Clement  17 Jun 1859St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I62296
17 Theriot, Marie Louise  1848St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I65756
18 Thibodeaux, *Marcellin  Jun 1854St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I39767
19 Thibodeaux, *Marie Phelonise  6 Dec 1855St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I34767
20 Thibodeaux, *Martin  24 Dec 1892St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I51005
21 Thibodeaux, *Michel  3 Jul 1887St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I35226
22 Trahan, Pierre  Bef 1810St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I66971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Simon, Edmond Nicolas  1883St. Landry Parish, Louisiana I65746


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Briggs / D'Avy  14 Apr 1903St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24033
2 Broussard / Lyons  21 Jan 1840St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F26292
3 Elinguer / Ryan  9 Nov 1829St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24959
4 Hollier /   7 Aug 1926St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24068
5 Hollier / Guidroz  17 Dec 1927St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24048
6 Hollier / Watson  23 Feb 1881St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24079
7 LaFleur / Fontenot  24 Apr 1816St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F2511
8 Lambert / Dufilho  6 Feb 1897St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24062
9 Lapointe / Trahan  1 Dec 1858St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F25445
10 Ledoux / LeDoux  18 Aug 1879St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F26392
11 Ledoux / Miller  30 Nov 1861St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F26395
12 Mills / Hollier  7 Aug 1926St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24070
13 Quebedeau / Frossart  25 May 1813St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F13212
14 Quebedeau / Lambre  1 Jul 1824St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F328
15 Ravel / Dupuis  17 Feb 1868St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24985
16 Simon / Gaubert  25 Mar 1837St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F25059
17 Trahan / Broussard  1 Nov 1871St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F25562
18 Trahan / Royer  14 Oct 1858St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F24262
19 Trahan / Unknown  15 Jul 1875St. Landry Parish, Louisiana F25044

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