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The rich history and kindred ties of a Louisiana Family

Port Arthur, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Lloyd), David Charles Loyd  25 Aug 1951Port Arthur, Texas, USA I24620
2 (Rials), K.D.   I58824
3 Antel, M.A.N.   I58756
4 Barras, Charlotte Ann  20 Sep 1932Port Arthur, Texas, USA I29003
5 Breaux, H.   I34602
6 Coon, J.A.   I58722
7 DarcĂ©, E.M.   I35024
8 Derouen, S.   I34658
9 Drummond, T.A.   I42659
10 Fears, L.M.V.   I58900
11 Higgs, M.J.".   I34607
12 Hoag, Arthur Raymond  26 Nov 1954Port Arthur, Texas, USA I58793
13 Hoag, D.N.   I58832
14 Landry, C.   I52808
15 Landry, G.W.   I34604
16 Landry, J.P.   I34605
17 Landry, L.A.   I34606
18 Landry, M.   I52809
19 LeBlanc, Saul  Between 1872 and 1892Port Arthur, Texas, USA I28390
20 Loyd, Cecil Roy  23 Nov 1929Port Arthur, Texas, USA I24561
21 Mouton, K.R.   I58821
22 Naylor, James David  1 Dec 1947Port Arthur, Texas, USA I34665
23 Parker, D.   I34666
24 Portie, Neal  6 Mar 1911Port Arthur, Texas, USA I24749
25 Stelly, Carroll Mitchell Sr  25 Oct 1934Port Arthur, Texas, USA I30743
26 Stelly, Gary Michael  5 Nov 1951Port Arthur, Texas, USA I27525
27 Stelly, Larry James  24 May 1944Port Arthur, Texas, USA I27524
28 Stelly, Larry James  23 May 1955Port Arthur, Texas, USA I30748
29 Thibodeaux, *.K.   I36534
30 Thibodeaux, *.L.   I36533
31 Thibodeaux, *.P.   I46311
32 Thibodeaux, *.K.   I41697
33 Thibodeaux, *.N.   I46313
34 Thibodeaux, A.A.   I34613
35 Thibodeaux, A.A. Jr.   I34659
36 Thibodeaux, D.M.   I34612
37 Thibodeaux, Elie Daise "Pal" Jr.  1 Oct 1929Port Arthur, Texas, USA I48648
38 Thibodeaux, J.P.".P.   I45212
39 Thibodeaux, S.W.   I34660
40 Vice, R.W.   I58740


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boudreaux, Adonis "Noon"  Between 1912 and 1988Port Arthur, Texas, USA I28486
2 Boudreaux, Justilia "Toot-Toot"  10 Jun 1963Port Arthur, Texas, USA I28388
3 Breaux, *Adelin  14 Feb 1992Port Arthur, Texas, USA I34410
4 Campbell, Mary Louise  10 May 1987Port Arthur, Texas, USA I58714
5 Domec, Firmin  19 Aug 1941Port Arthur, Texas, USA I25085
6 Foreman, Ezra D. ("E-D") Jr.  19 Jul 1987Port Arthur, Texas, USA I27248
7 Guidry, Moise Sr  23 Feb 1945Port Arthur, Texas, USA I42477
8 Hardy, Rena  Port Arthur, Texas, USA I34411
9 Hoag, Walter Edwin  9 May 1973Port Arthur, Texas, USA I58766
10 Jacobs, Jeffrey  27 Mar 1991Port Arthur, Texas, USA I25344
11 Kidder, Felix (Telise)  12 Dec 1958Port Arthur, Texas, USA I25470
12 Landry, Wesley Joseph  Abt 1993Port Arthur, Texas, USA I34603
13 Lewis, Angelina Tabitha  29 Jan 1918Port Arthur, Texas, USA I25414
14 Louvierre, Annette  18 Aug 1950Port Arthur, Texas, USA I21118
15 Loyd, Louis William  6 Nov 1975Port Arthur, Texas, USA I25337
16 Marsh, Clifford Booth  1 Jun 1967Port Arthur, Texas, USA I24577
17 Marshall, Lloyd Thomas  3 Apr 1991Port Arthur, Texas, USA I33830
18 Meche, Louise Gertrude  17 Sep 1998Port Arthur, Texas, USA I30741
19 Patin, Arthur  16 Dec 1939Port Arthur, Texas, USA I25536
20 Patin, Cecelia  30 Sep 1994Port Arthur, Texas, USA I25547
21 Rachal, Richard  9 Dec 1957Port Arthur, Texas, USA I4785
22 Stelly, Alfred  10 Aug 1995Port Arthur, Texas, USA I28172
23 Stelly, Azelete  19 Mar 1986Port Arthur, Texas, USA I27521
24 Stelly, Carroll Mitchell Sr  3 Jan 1997Port Arthur, Texas, USA I30743
25 Stelly, Felicia  25 Jul 1959Port Arthur, Texas, USA I24886
26 Stelly, Joseph  18 Feb 1962Port Arthur, Texas, USA I27520
27 Stelly, Larry James  25 Jun 1972Port Arthur, Texas, USA I30748
28 Stelly, Michel Nicholas  22 Sep 1983Port Arthur, Texas, USA I25065
29 Thibodeaux, *Albert  3 Jul 1949Port Arthur, Texas, USA I34405
30 Thibodeaux, *Antonio Delphia  30 Apr 1936Port Arthur, Texas, USA I34401
31 Thibodeaux, *Coralie  11 Dec 1973Port Arthur, Texas, USA I41672
32 Thibodeaux, *Elenore  9 Sep 1969Port Arthur, Texas, USA I34406
33 Thibodeaux, *Joseph Nelson "Joe"  12 Aug 2004Port Arthur, Texas, USA I52943
34 Thibodeaux, *Walter  Port Arthur, Texas, USA I34407
35 Thibodeaux, Elie Daise  12 Jul 1949Port Arthur, Texas, USA I41673
36 Tribe, Gail Marie  7 Jan 1995Port Arthur, Texas, USA I33865
37 Veillon, Absei Joseph  26 Jul 1996Port Arthur, Texas, USA I58783
38 Vice, Joseph Adam  8 Aug 1955Port Arthur, Texas, USA I21466


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Antel / Vice   F22475
2 Gizzi / Thibodeaux   F14083
3 Hoag / Mouton   F22514
4 Hoag / Yarrington   F22518
5 Kidder / Patin  28 Nov 1920Port Arthur, Texas, USA F10457
6 Landry / Breaux   F14068
7 Landry / Higgs   F14069
8 LaPorte / Vice   F22489
9 Long / Vice   F22470
10 Peltier / Vice   F22553
11 Thibodeaux / Derouen   F14074
12 Thibodeaux / Garsee   F17392
13 Veillon / Vice   F22495
14 Vice / Campbell  7 Apr 1941Port Arthur, Texas, USA F22454
15 Vice / Coon   F22458
16 Vice / Vice   F22485

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