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Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anty, Elizabeth Aurelia  31 Aug 1832Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4770
2 Calves, R.S.  Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2427
3 Charleville, C.D.   I6811
4 Derbanne, Marie Des Neiges/Denise  19 Apr 1800Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2302
5 Frame, Virginia  1851Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4786
6 Gallien, Edmond  5 Apr 1892Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6562
7 Gallien, Louis Emmanuel "Noel"  Abt Jun 1795Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2305
8 Gallien, Marie Adeline  Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4722
9 Lacaze, B.A.   I6658
10 Lacaze, L.M.   I6659
11 Lacaze, Michael Shawn  Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6817
12 Lattier, Marie Clara  22 Mar 1821Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4775
13 Lavespere, Lee Luke  17 Apr 1898Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4588
14 Lavespere, Victorine  30 Jun 1845Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I5865
15 Normand, Jules Honorat  22 Oct 1827Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2422
16 Poirier, Antoine  Abt Feb 1809Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2292
17 Poirier, Francois  1 Jan 1783Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2290
18 Poirier, Francois  4 Nov 1806Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2291
19 Poirier, Jean Baptiste  4 Jul 1811Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2293
20 Poirier, Laurent (Curany)  22 Dec 1813Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2294
21 Rachal, Clarence 'White'  8 Jan 1906Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6586
22 Rachal, Clivin  20 Nov 1899Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6583
23 Rachal, Elisee III  10 Feb 1890Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2401
24 Rachal, Francesca Leontine  1856Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4783
25 Rachal, Julien  5 Dec 1821Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2349
26 Rachal, Lillie  14 Jul 1913Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6589
27 Rachal, Louis Raymond "Zanon"  29 Jun 1815Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4774
28 Rachal, Louis Raymond 'Tobe'  10 Mar 1898Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6582
29 Rachal, Marie Catherine  1816Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I3839
30 Rachal, Marie Cedalise  Abt 1790Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4582
31 Rachal, Marie Celephine  Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2404
32 Rachal, Marie Emelie  Sep 1827Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2402
33 Rachal, Marie Julia  11 Dec 1829Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2405
34 Rachal, Marie Lolette  5 Jun 1810Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2297
35 Rachal, Marie Louise  18 May 1832Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2403
36 Rachal, Marie Reine  1 Apr 1824Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2383
37 Rachal, M.L.   I6588
38 Rachal, Willey (Wiley) 'Black'  4 Sep 1907Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6587
39 Rachal, Zelia Anty  28 Jan 1901Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6584
40 Roberts, Molly Cecelia  25 Dec 1898Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6514
41 Thomasee, Isabelle  1908Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4592
42 Thomasee, Jeanette  8 Nov 1884Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I5787
43 Thomasino, Luis Joseph  28 Nov 1784Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2300
44 Thomasse, Villere  28 Mar 1889Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4857
45 Thomassee, Delphine  4 Oct 1843Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I5815
46 Thomassee, Eddie  Abt 1910Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6511
47 Thomassee, Elanoram  Abt 1884Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I5792
48 Thomassee, Firman  26 Oct 1890Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6490
49 Thomassee, Frances Cecelia  21 Jun 1900Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6509
50 Thomassee, Honora  Mar 1843Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2462

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anty, Elizabeth Aurelia  21 Mar 1899Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4770
2 Birtt, Isaac  Abt 1853Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4583
3 Lacaze, Louis Moreau  28 Nov 1999Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6656
4 LaPlante, Elisa  1888Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4744
5 Lavespere, Lee Luke  7 Aug 1987Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4588
6 Normand, Dr. Francios Marie  2 Sep 1875Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2421
7 Rachal, Albert  27 May 1971Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6580
8 Rachal, Clarence 'White'  26 Oct 1972Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6586
9 Rachal, Julien  11 May 1861Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2495
10 Rachal, Lillie  6 Dec 1996Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6589
11 Rachal, Louis Raymond "Zanon"  1868Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4774
12 Rachal, Marie Lolette  20 Sep 1843Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2297
13 Rachal, Willey (Wiley) 'Black'  23 May 1978Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6587
14 Thomasino, Luis  1832Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2282
15 Thomasino, Luis Joseph  12 Feb 1788Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2300
16 Thomassin, Catherine Anne  Abt Sep 1793Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I2287
17 Thomassy, Riley "Reely"  21 Jul 1973Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6519
18 Thomassy, William "Montenet"  27 Mar 1949Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I4740
19 Vercher, Marcelin  1882Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana I6544


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Birtt / Lemoine  14 Apr 1830Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F330
2 Brossett / Rachal  16 Apr 1846Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1183
3 Gallien / Gallien  20 Nov 1838Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1151
4 Gallien / Gallien  18 Aug 1870Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1221
5 Gallien / Gallien  22 Apr 1883Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F2223
6 Gallien / Lattier  15 Jan 1839Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1141
7 Gallien / Thomassin  19 Nov 1818Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1129
8 Lacaze / Gallien  13 Nov 1880Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1153
9 Lattier / Gallien  16 Apr 1846Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1149
10 Lemoine / Thomasee  23 Jan 1926Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1113
11 Rachal / Delouche  28 Jan 1879Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1117
12 Rachal / Lattier  10 Feb 1836Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1202
13 Rachal / Rachal  8 May 1834Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1815
14 Rachal / Rachal  9 Feb 1836Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1125
15 Roy / Thomassee  14 Nov 1865Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1225
16 Sach / Rachal  6 May 1858Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1184
17 St. Andre / Thomassee  7 Apr 1881Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1167
18 Thomassin / Derbanne  20 Apr 1819Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1126
19 Thomassin / Rachal  19 Oct 1818Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1119
20 Thomassy / Anty  2 Sep 1886Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F402
21 Thomassy / LaPlante  22 Sep 1870Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1207
22 Thomisee / Lavespere   F2884
23 Vercher / Gallien  13 Jan 1876Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1224
24 Vercher / Gallien  6 Apr 1880Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F2236


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Desendorf / Thomassee  7 Feb 1922Nachitoches Parish, Louisiana F1162

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