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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andre, Eloise  Nov 1895Louisiana, USA I63544
2 Armand, Louis J.  Abt 1887Louisiana, USA I59174
3 Armand, Louis Joseph  3 May 1914Louisiana, USA I63521
4 Aucoin, Theogene  Abt 1863Louisiana, USA I59871
5 Babineaux, Bernice  Abt 1916Louisiana, USA I59348
6 Babineaux, Wilson  12 Nov 1926Louisiana, USA I59429
7 Barrilleaux, Edward  15 May 1896Louisiana, USA I63141
8 Barrilleaux, Lily  30 Nov 1905Louisiana, USA I63357
9 Belaire, Antonia  29 Mar 1909Louisiana, USA I63461
10 Boudreaux, Modeste Julie  9 Jan 1894Louisiana, USA I62795
11 Bourg, Alce "Ales"  1864Louisiana, USA I62781
12 Bourque, Marcel  13 Sep 1886Louisiana, USA  I63051
13 Boyd, George Washington  Aug 1852Louisiana, USA I7606
14 Breaux, Barbara  9 Jun 1932Louisiana, USA I63362
15 Breaux, Evelyn Marie  13 May 1930Louisiana, USA I63360
16 Breaux, Glynn Michael  1943Louisiana, USA I63485
17 Breaux, Nicholas J.  5 Apr 1902Louisiana, USA I63356
18 Breaux, Phyllis  10 Feb 1927Louisiana, USA I63358
19 Breaux, Sandra Ann  1941Louisiana, USA I63484
20 Breaux, Thelma  1 Sep 1913Louisiana, USA I63376
21 Breaux, Viola Mary  6 Sep 1904Louisiana, USA I63364
22 Broussard, Corinne  2 Oct 1905Louisiana, USA I63184
23 Broussard, Edward  Abt 1906Louisiana, USA I59548
24 Broussard, Euzebe  Aug 1900Louisiana, USA I59473
25 Broussard, Frank Oliver  10 Aug 1875Louisiana, USA I65060
26 Broussard, Louis  Abt 1903Louisiana, USA I59478
27 Broussard, Louis Anicet  Sep 1871Louisiana, USA I58797
28 Broussard, Luke  Abt. 1915Louisiana, USA I59564
29 Broussard, Marie Idea  Mar 1896Louisiana, USA I59447
30 Broussard, Marie Louise  Jul 1893Louisiana, USA I58820
31 Broussard, Solita  Abt. 1912Louisiana, USA I59563
32 Crochet, Lois Marie  26 Aug 1934Louisiana, USA I63153
33 Decuir, Gilman J.  13 Dec 1908Louisiana, USA I63180
34 Delahoussaye, Alpha Joseph  18 Mar 1899Louisiana, USA I63351
35 Delcambre, Odressie John  26 Oct 1905Louisiana, USA I63282
36 Dionne, Lionel  11 Mar 1911Louisiana, USA I59895
37 Dugas, Elmire  31 Oct 1907Louisiana, USA I63280
38 Dugas, Lily Mae  1922Louisiana, USA I63450
39 Dugas, Mable  2 Sep 1909Louisiana, USA I63283
40 Dugas, Nell  22 Dec 1917Louisiana, USA I63471
41 Gardemal, Anthony  Abt. 1912Louisiana, USA I63354
42 Giblin, Clancy Joseph  8 Apr 1913Louisiana, USA I63293
43 Giblin, Dewey Raymond  10 Jan 1919Louisiana, USA I63302
44 Granger, Alma Anne  1926Louisiana, USA I63501
45 Granger, Bernie  28 Oct 1924Louisiana, USA I63499
46 Granger, Doris  1927Louisiana, USA I63440
47 Granger, Elaine  1934Louisiana, USA I63474
48 Granger, Harold Bernard  12 Aug 1927Louisiana, USA I63486
49 Granger, Holland  22 Apr 1922Louisiana, USA I63496
50 Granger, Jeanette  1936Louisiana, USA I63475

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bourg, Louis Alcee  11 Nov 1924Louisiana, USA I65634
2 Durio, Eugene Guillaume  12 Oct 1889Louisiana, USA I33704
3 Hebert, Amy Ruth  26 Mar 2015Louisiana, USA I63063
4 Hebert, Desire  7 Jun 1930Louisiana, USA I65383
5 Hebert, Frederic Severin  7 Jan 1878Louisiana, USA I65385
6 Louviere, Cora  26 Oct 1952Louisiana, USA I59040
7 Louviere, Louis Zerthur (Tertule)  16 Sep 1944Louisiana, USA I59039
8 Louviere, Mildred Beatrice  3 Jun 2017Louisiana, USA I63332
9 Mouile, Ruby  1972Louisiana, USA I63190
10 Ransonet, Levie W.  15 Mar 2008Louisiana, USA I63538
11 Simon, Marie Felonise  1874Louisiana, USA I65386
12 Tabor, Alton Sr.  7 May 1987Louisiana, USA I63093
13 Vaughn, Jean Baptiste Robert  26 Sep 1965Louisiana, USA I59184

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