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Loreauville, Louisiana



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amy, Laure  27 Apr 1890Loreauville, Louisiana I59094
2 Broussard, Antoine  1 Feb 1904Loreauville, Louisiana I47688
3 Broussard, Blanche Alzire  11 Apr 1895Loreauville, Louisiana I47682
4 Broussard, Elmire  18 Mar 1893Loreauville, Louisiana I47681
5 Broussard, Eusebe "Meg"  8 May 1877Loreauville, Louisiana I47677
6 Broussard, Gabriel Brillon Breine  22 Oct 1900Loreauville, Louisiana I47686
7 Broussard, Henri Lezere Lezaire  25 Nov 1873Loreauville, Louisiana I48318
8 Broussard, Louis Sange Sonche  8 Nov 1909Loreauville, Louisiana I47692
9 Broussard, Mathilda  Between 1873 and 1893Loreauville, Louisiana I6967
10 Broussard, Samuel Charles  21 Apr 1902Loreauville, Louisiana I47687
11 Broussard, Telesphore  12 Mar 1898Loreauville, Louisiana I48320
12 Broussard, Theresia  11 Dec 1896Loreauville, Louisiana I48319
13 Gonsoulin, Marie Anita  31 Jul 1893Loreauville, Louisiana I59147
14 Granger, Alcibiade  5 Jul 1887Loreauville, Louisiana I59107
15 Granger, Alfred Sr.  17 Sep 1888Loreauville, Louisiana I59111
16 Granger, Alzire  12 Mar 1890Loreauville, Louisiana I59115
17 Hebert, Elodie  14 Aug 1888Loreauville, Louisiana I59077
18 Hebert, Xavier  19 Jul 1886Loreauville, Louisiana I59075
19 Louviere, Anna  15 Dec 1902Loreauville, Louisiana I199
20 Louviere, Edey Antoine  26 Feb 1901Loreauville, Louisiana I21612
21 Oubre, Laurent  4 Nov 1882Loreauville, Louisiana I59089
22 Verret, *Gilbert  Loreauville, Louisiana I47788


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boutte, Marie Irma  17 Jul 1885Loreauville, Louisiana I23331
2 Broussard, Henri Lezere Lezaire  1928Loreauville, Louisiana I48318
3 Broussard, Telesphore  1 Jan 1972Loreauville, Louisiana I48320
4 Granger, Alfred Sr.  11 Jul 1958Loreauville, Louisiana I59111
5 Louviere, Eugene  10 Nov 1910Loreauville, Louisiana I58978
6 Louviere, Margurite Louise Emelta  22 Feb 1885Loreauville, Louisiana I59727


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armand / Vaughn  12 Oct 1909Loreauville, Louisiana F22688
2 Breaux / Louviere  20 Jun 1901Loreauville, Louisiana F22627
3 Broussard / Breaux  28 Jan 1896Loreauville, Louisiana F19616
4 Broussard / Oubre  30 Oct 1877Loreauville, Louisiana F2998
5 Granger / Gonsoulin  10 Sep 1908Loreauville, Louisiana F22657
6 Granger / Gonsoulin  24 Jul 1917Loreauville, Louisiana F22664
7 Landry / Broussard  30 Jan 1905Loreauville, Louisiana F2996
8 Prince / Louvierre  17 Oct 1901Loreauville, Louisiana F22625
9 Vaughn / Louviere  2 Apr 1883Loreauville, Louisiana F22685

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