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Kaplan, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abshire, *Ellis  29 Nov 1905Kaplan, Louisiana I55246
2 Abshire, *Estelle  5 Feb 1908Kaplan, Louisiana I55245
3 Abshire, *Louisa Lomenia  10 Nov 1897Kaplan, Louisiana I40396
4 Abshire, *Melanie  26 Nov 1896Kaplan, Louisiana I41303
5 Abshire, *Ovey  28 Nov 1900Kaplan, Louisiana I43518
6 Abshire, *Oza  8 Oct 1898Kaplan, Louisiana I55241
7 Bertrand, *Onizephor  28 Feb 1898Kaplan, Louisiana I55271
8 Bourgeois, Louis  27 Oct 1893Kaplan, Louisiana I1530
9 Cormier, *Inola Enolia  20 Jul 1902Kaplan, Louisiana I40792
10 Duhon, *Evita Anita  19 Aug 1905Kaplan, Louisiana I55243
11 Faulk, John Hanson  18 Nov 1919Kaplan, Louisiana I36439
12 Labry, *Claudia  24 Aug 1897Kaplan, Louisiana I46542
13 Simon, *.I.   I38141
14 Simon, *Marie Dula  29 Dec 1921Kaplan, Louisiana I38409
15 Simon, *Pierre Aglace "Pete"  23 May 1920Kaplan, Louisiana I37769
16 Thibodeaux, *Alesse Alice  17 Jul 1906Kaplan, Louisiana I40760
17 Thibodeaux, *Effie  3 Dec 1900Kaplan, Louisiana I47137
18 Thibodeaux, *Elias  12 Dec 1899Kaplan, Louisiana I40791
19 Thibodeaux, *Elias  27 Nov 1900Kaplan, Louisiana I47609
20 Thibodeaux, *Joseph  14 Nov 1908Kaplan, Louisiana I37639
21 Thibodeaux, *Levenee Levina  30 Jan 1898Kaplan, Louisiana I41363
22 Thibodeaux, *Levinie  1 Feb 1899Kaplan, Louisiana I54160
23 Thibodeaux, *Michel  9 Jun 1903Kaplan, Louisiana I37640
24 Thibodeaux, *Paul Jr.  23 Aug 1906Kaplan, Louisiana I40771
25 Thibodeaux, *Wallace  10 Jun 1904Kaplan, Louisiana I40762
26 Thibodeaux, *Wilton  3 Feb 1909Kaplan, Louisiana I40761


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abshire, Hubert Pierre  8 Sep 1976Kaplan, Louisiana I6
2 Thibodeaux, *Euphemie Nathilda  Bef Sep 1901Kaplan, Louisiana I35045


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abshire / Broussard   F5
2 Bertrand / Abshire  26 Jan 1899Kaplan, Louisiana F17226
3 Bertrand / Thibodeaux  31 Aug 1908Kaplan, Louisiana F17012
4 Faulk / Simon  4 Dec 1937Kaplan, Louisiana F15206
5 Primeaux / Primeaux  2 Sep 1901Kaplan, Louisiana F19967
6 Thibodeaux / Trahan  24 Jan 1898Kaplan, Louisiana F15721
7 Villejoin / Thibodeaux  22 Feb 1900Kaplan, Louisiana F17004

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