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The rich history and kindred ties of a Louisiana Family

Iberia Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bodin, Asema  11 Sep 1842Iberia Parish, Louisiana I47932
2 Bodin, Gregoire  30 Mar 1845Iberia Parish, Louisiana I65382
3 Bonin, Marie Corine  24 Aug 1845Iberia Parish, Louisiana I47668
4 Bonin, Mathilda Anastasie  14 Apr 1846Iberia Parish, Louisiana I65629
5 Borel, Edouard Felicien  13 Apr 1845Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67720
6 Borel, Honora  25 Oct 1869Iberia Parish, Louisiana I68949
7 Borel, Marie  12 Mar 1867Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67456
8 Borel, William Alce  31 May 1861Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67721
9 Broussard, Clement Clesme  9 Sep 1841Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70483
10 Broussard, Ernest Davis  6 Nov 1861Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67455
11 Broussard, Marcel Jules  26 Apr 1844Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67468
12 Broussard, Marie Aurelia  10 May 1846Iberia Parish, Louisiana I68258
13 Broussard, Phylomena  31 Jul 1839Iberia Parish, Louisiana I23330
14 Dautreuil, L.J.   I42186
15 Doty, Amelie  3 Apr 1849Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70308
16 Hebert, Alexandre Ossa  28 Nov 1838Iberia Parish, Louisiana I65380
17 Landry, Marguerite Fedora  20 Nov 1867Iberia Parish, Louisiana I68529
18 Landry, Marie Euladie  3 Dec 1845Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70486
19 Langlinais, Louis Armogene  25 Jan 1845Iberia Parish, Louisiana I41295
20 Langlinais, Louis Ermogene  25 Jan 1845Iberia Parish, Louisiana I64504
21 LeBlanc, Elodie  3 Sep 1867Iberia Parish, Louisiana I47647
22 LeBlanc, Eugene Homer  3 Sep 1859Iberia Parish, Louisiana I47646
23 LeBlanc, Eugenie  21 Dec 1854Iberia Parish, Louisiana I47645
24 LeBlanc, Louise  1 Mar 1842Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67148
25 Louviere, Belizaire  30 Dec 1853Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63743
26 Louviere, Clara  22 Apr 1839Iberia Parish, Louisiana I59748
27 Louviere, Cora  5 Oct 1856Iberia Parish, Louisiana I59040
28 Louviere, Homere  23 Aug 1858Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63699
29 Louviere, Leonce  23 SepIberia Parish, Louisiana I63745
30 Louviere, Leonce Filias  14 Jan 1860Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63729
31 Louviere, Marceliane  30 Sep 1856Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63730
32 Louviere, Octavie  15 Jun 1848Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63733
33 Louviere, Olympe  1 SepIberia Parish, Louisiana I63746
34 Louviere, Sylvestre  25 Jul 1850Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63735
35 Louviere, Sylvestre Dupre  21 Feb 1855Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63728
36 Louvierre, Eve (Eva)  2 Apr 1867Iberia Parish, Louisiana I59136
37 Miguez, Victoire Coralie  29 Sep 1839Iberia Parish, Louisiana I65869
38 Romero, Eliza  6 Oct 1860Iberia Parish, Louisiana I43966
39 Trahan, Aureline  24 Jun 1847Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67506
40 Trahan, Francois Philosie  29 Mar 1843Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67504
41 Trahan, Joseph Damian  31 Aug 1842Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67503
42 Trahan, Octave  24 Jun 1854Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67508


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barras, Leticia  25 Feb 1939Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70443
2 Bourque, Elizabeth  27 Dec 1966Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70035
3 Breaux, Adele Adelaide  7 Nov 1917Iberia Parish, Louisiana I47666
4 Breaux, Marie Suzanne  25 Jun 1884Iberia Parish, Louisiana I64292
5 Broussard, Amand  29 Oct 1871Iberia Parish, Louisiana I66837
6 Broussard, Anatole  Bef Feb 1890Iberia Parish, Louisiana I68950
7 Broussard, Celste Erma  8 May 1845Iberia Parish, Louisiana I23313
8 Broussard, Joseph Neuville  31 Oct 1958Iberia Parish, Louisiana I29377
9 Broussard, Rene E  1975Iberia Parish, Louisiana I47829
10 Broussard, Sylvestre  6 May 1918Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70453
11 Dautreuil, Orphe Joseph  1 Jan 1977Iberia Parish, Louisiana I42176
12 Decuir, Maximilien  9 Nov 1853Iberia Parish, Louisiana I20574
13 Hebert, Edouard (Charles) (Belizaire)  1866Iberia Parish, Louisiana I270
14 Hebert, Marie Celine  31 Aug 1867Iberia Parish, Louisiana I65375
15 Hymel, Ozilia  17 Nov 1931Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70454
16 Landry, Clothilde  27 Mar 1946Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70309
17 Larson, William Newton Sr  4 Mar 1994Iberia Parish, Louisiana I42162
18 LeBlanc, Clarisse Emelite  5 Jan 1871Iberia Parish, Louisiana I45957
19 LeBlanc, Pelagie  Bef Oct 1841Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67192
20 LeBlanc, Wilbert J  25 Apr 2013Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70213
21 Louviere, Marguerite Anais  30 Nov 1884Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63714
22 Louviere, Marie Astasie  30 Nov 1844Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63716
23 Louviere, Octavie  6 May 1852Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63733
24 Louviere, Suzanne Chloris  22 Sep 1844Iberia Parish, Louisiana I63712
25 Mendoza, Marie Emma  27 Jan 1940Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70480
26 Romero, Maria Carmelite  14 Feb 1845Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70304
27 Trahan, Francois Philosie  23 Aug 1864Iberia Parish, Louisiana I67504
28 Trahan, John Dassas  23 May 1975Iberia Parish, Louisiana I70367


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Babineaux / Blanchet  14 Feb 1843Iberia Parish, Louisiana F25094
2 Bonin / Louviere  27 Dec 1849Iberia Parish, Louisiana F23004
3 Bonin / Louviere  3 Jan 1853Iberia Parish, Louisiana F23006
4 Bonin / Louviere  1 Feb 1853Iberia Parish, Louisiana F24242
5 Bonin / Louviere  5 Apr 1858Iberia Parish, Louisiana F24240
6 Breaux / Bonin  26 Oct 1869Iberia Parish, Louisiana F19449
7 Broussard / Hymel  Oct 1870Iberia Parish, Louisiana F26356
8 Dautreuil / Babineaux   F17524
9 Hebert / Louviere  20 Mar 1854Iberia Parish, Louisiana F23009
10 LeBlanc / Hebert  15 Oct 1888Iberia Parish, Louisiana F9178
11 Louviere / Bonin  8 Dec 1852Iberia Parish, Louisiana F24231
12 Louviere / Bonin  22 May 1854Iberia Parish, Louisiana F24246
13 Louviere / LeBlanc  17 Apr 1854Iberia Parish, Louisiana F234
14 Louviere / LeBlanc  14 Feb 1860Iberia Parish, Louisiana F24232
15 Moore / Louviere  4 Jul 1848Iberia Parish, Louisiana F24243
16 Oubre / Louviere  15 Jul 1858Iberia Parish, Louisiana F23013

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