Family Genealogy

The rich history and kindred ties of a Louisiana Family

Houston, Texas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, T.R.   I42680
2 Becker, M.S.   I52126
3 Becker, M.A.   I52127
4 Becker, R.T.   I52125
5 Becker, S.P.   I52129
6 Becker, T.M.   I52128
7 Brashear, *.   I55639
8 Champagne, K.S.   I52219
9 Delahoussaye, M.T.   I52130
10 Doiron, Frederick James  20 Nov 1950Houston, Texas I58860
11 Fenske, J.C.   I52458
12 Kellen, C.J.   I52460
13 Key, *.R.   I35308
14 Key, *.L.   I35309
15 Key, *.C.   I50170
16 Marshall, A.M.   I42739
17 Marshall, M.R.   I42725
18 Potts, Amy  Houston, Texas I360
19 Poulet, Philip Gant  27 Feb 1919Houston, Texas I42078
20 Sabatier, P.E.   I42081
21 Smith, *.C.   I52332
22 Smith, *.A.   I52331
23 Steen, J.   I52254
24 Steen, J.   I52134
25 Steen, J.   I52135
26 Steen, T.M.   I52132
27 Steen, W.M.   I52131
28 Thibodeaux, *.J.   I46321
29 Thibodeaux, *.S.   I46320
30 Zimmerman, *.A.   I34589


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, *L. J.  24 Nov 1994Houston, Texas I36894
2 Cole, Billie (Corra)  1 May 1981Houston, Texas I28581
3 DarcĂ©, Ambrose P. Jr.  27 Feb 1988Houston, Texas I35021
4 Demarets, *Wilbert  5 May 1991Houston, Texas I40052
5 dePerrodil, Laura Mae  17 Jan 1987Houston, Texas I28071
6 McKinley, Bradley Joseph  4 Aug 1995Houston, Texas I25577
7 McLeroy, *Ozelle Ruth  1 Dec 1996Houston, Texas I47539
8 Monceaux, Darryl  3 Jul 1976Houston, Texas I36756
9 Rollins, Eunice Edna  24 Jul 1993Houston, Texas I27840
10 Sonnier, Nolan Joseph  19 Sep 2009Houston, Texas I306
11 Steen, Gary Joseph "Grumpy" Sr  23 Jun 1984Houston, Texas I52040
12 Stelly, Gary Michael  9 Jan 1988Houston, Texas I27525
13 Stelly, Larry James  30 Jun 1987Houston, Texas I27524
14 Vice, Clint James  30 Jan 1988Houston, Texas I58924
15 Weimer, *Denis John Sr.  9 Apr 2000Houston, Texas I37228


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Becker / Steen   F20597
2 Kellen / Steen   F20598
3 Key / LeBlanc   F14532
4 Lamantis / Aupied   F20591
5 Naylor / Parker   F14086
6 Peri / Fenske   F20599
7 Simpson / Cormier   F17762
8 Steen / Delahoussaye   F20596
9 Steen / Hayes   F20595
10 Vandi / Graham   F17662

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