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Big Lake, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, M.L.   I44837
2 Cormier, L.   I36744
3 Cormier, L.J.".J.   I36745
4 Delaney, *.L.   I37003
5 Delaney, *.A.".   I48929
6 Delaney, *.E.   I37005
7 Delaney, *Roy Rogers  29 Oct 1935Big Lake, Louisiana I37002
8 Delaney, *.C.".   I48928
9 Demarest, Nora Belle  21 Aug 1917Big Lake, Louisiana I35512
10 Demarest, Ozite  26 Apr 1911Big Lake, Louisiana I35814
11 Demarets, *.   I36771
12 Demarets, *Edna  1908Big Lake, Louisiana I37504
13 Demarets, *Joseph Toussaint  30 Nov 1887Big Lake, Louisiana I36772
14 Demarets, *.J.   I44247
15 Demarets, *Nicholas  20 Oct 1896Big Lake, Louisiana I37511
16 Demarets, *Wilbert  25 Apr 1923Big Lake, Louisiana I40052
17 Demarets, Antoine  27 Jan 1889Big Lake, Louisiana I39054
18 Demarets, Carl Ray "Pete"  26 Jun 1933Big Lake, Louisiana I49654
19 Demarets, John Baptiste  30 Sep 1898Big Lake, Louisiana I35382
20 Demarets, Lina  5 Apr 1923Big Lake, Louisiana I39711
21 Demarets, Loree  15 Dec 1926Big Lake, Louisiana I45279
22 Demary, *Donald  UNKNOWNBig Lake, Louisiana I45333
23 Demary, *Ervin James  28 Oct 1920Big Lake, Louisiana I35505
24 Demary, *Kenneth  1930Big Lake, Louisiana I45338
25 Demary, E.J.   I34475
26 Duhon, *Adrian  29 Oct 1903Big Lake, Louisiana I36833
27 Duhon, *Jesse  12 Dec 1900Big Lake, Louisiana I37277
28 Duhon, *.   I37282
29 Duhon, *Marie Azelina  14 Mar 1866Big Lake, Louisiana I41501
30 Faulk, *Amelda  22 Feb 1902Big Lake, Louisiana I37761
31 Faulk, Evia (Farque)  1913Big Lake, Louisiana I44523
32 Granger, *Natalie "Talie"  10 Oct 1894Big Lake, Louisiana I39572
33 Guidry, *.   I44277
34 Guidry, *.M.   I34822
35 Hébert, *Azeline  20 Nov 1886Big Lake, Louisiana I48919
36 Hébert, *Rosa  17 May 1894Big Lake, Louisiana I38207
37 Holland, Mae Zellina  1894Big Lake, Louisiana I36645
38 Marcantel, John Eulcide  23 Oct 1923Big Lake, Louisiana I35803
39 Newman, *.   I36855
40 Newman, *.   I36851
41 Roya, A.   I44135
42 Roya, Ethel Louise  2 Feb 1928Big Lake, Louisiana I44132
43 Thibodeaux, *.   I36777
44 Thibodeaux, *.J.   I36776
45 Thibodeaux, *.   I36774
46 Thibodeaux, A.   I36679
47 Thibodeaux, C.   I36677
48 Thibodeaux, D.   I36966
49 Thibodeaux, E.   I36680
50 Thibodeaux, H.   I44691

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cradeur, Janous  6 May 1943Big Lake, Louisiana I44575
2 Daigle, *Margaret Mae  2 Oct 1994Big Lake, Louisiana I44559
3 Delaney, *Roy Rogers  26 Dec 1937Big Lake, Louisiana I37002
4 Demarets, *Nicholas  15 Jul 1932Big Lake, Louisiana I41740
5 Demarets, *Nicholas  1 May 1979Big Lake, Louisiana I37511
6 Demary, *Earl Jr.  3 Jul 1977Big Lake, Louisiana I37867
7 Duhon, *Marie Azelina  11 May 1923Big Lake, Louisiana I41501
8 Hébert, Homer  22 Nov 1946Big Lake, Louisiana I49529
9 Marcantel, Marion  5 Oct 1969Big Lake, Louisiana I35813


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Conner / Thibodeaux   F20755
2 Duhon / Hébert   F18854
3 Hébert / Demarest  12 Jan 1938Big Lake, Louisiana F15870
4 Thomas / Daigle  13 Jun 1951Big Lake, Louisiana F18381

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