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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F10653
Manriquez, Salvador    
2 F11173
Vaughan, Harry D.    
3 F9839
Huffman, Champ Henry    
4 F22615
Marques, Henry    
5 F2487
West, Joseph    
6 F19639
Guilbeau, Paul    
7 F22724
Duke of the Franks Hugh "Magnus" of Paris, count of Paris    
8 F22736
de Haspengau, Lambert I    
9 F22745
Chlothar, I    
10 F22781
Franks, Odomir King of the    
11 F22795
Sicamber, Marcomir II King of    
12 F22809
DE CIMMERIANS, Diluglio King    
13 F22825
of TROY, Plesron (Plesion) King    
14 F13859
Ulan, Larry Glenn    
15 F4066
Broussard, Damian    
16 F11690
dePerrodil, Jerome Douglas    
17 F22240
Stickney, *.    
18 F16184
Thibodeaux, *.L.    
19 F23842
Zaunbreker, Richard Aaron "Rick" Jr.    
20 F22341
Quirion, *Henry Joseph    
21 F23982
Angelle, Will    
22 F2227
Wheeler, Joe Wilson    
23 F9837
Huffman, Francis Irving    
24 F21453
Lyons, *Thomas    
25 F7577
McIntyre, Ronald    
26 F22733
Neustria, Robert I Duke of    
27 F22743
28 F22754
Chlothar, II    
29 F22768
Franks, King of the Franks (213 - 253) Hilderic King of the    
30 F22780
(semi-legendary), Ruled after 100 BC Beli Mawr King of Britain    
31 F22792
Sicamber, Chlodomir II King of    
32 F22806
Troy, Helenus King of    
33 F22822
TROY, Plaserius II King of    
34 F22838
Bible, Darda of the    
35 F22848
Ur, Nahor of    
36 F22911
D'Amours, Kings Chaplain (1664) under Charles IX Gabriel    
37 F22081
Wolf, *.A.    
38 F22391
Louviere, Edey Antoine    
39 F15124
Blanchard, Lawrence    
40 F23824
Hebert, Aminte    
41 F10957
Buscemme, Carlo Joseph II    
42 F1159
Burke, Isaac Birtt    
43 F9790
Byrd, Ronald James    
44 F11531
Stuart, Robert Andrew    
45 F22587
Huval, Aurelien    
46 F19629
Guilbeau, Paul    
47 F22730
Hesbaye, Robert of    
48 F22765
Franks, King of the Franks (289 - 306) Walter King of the    
49 F22789
Sicamber, Last King of the Sicambrjans Antharius King of    
50 F22819
Troy, Helenus II King of    

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