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The rich history and kindred ties of a Louisiana Family


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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S340 Lockport Church Records
2 S1 "Marriage Dispensations...., 1786 - 1803"
Shirley C. Bouchard 
3 S2 *
4 S3 10183.ged
5 S4 1891 Resitgouche census
6 S5 1891 Resitgouche census - Dalhousie 2 parish
7 S337 26th Louisiana Infantry
8 S324 A Silver Lining By Ollie Ann Porche Voelker
9 S7 Acadian Orginals - Beaur
10 S8 Acadians in Exile
Father Hebert 
11 S10 Albert William "Bill" Thibodeaux
12 S11 Allen J. "Kojak" Thibodeaux
13 S12 Alvenia Trahan Thibodeaux
14 S15 Amy Woodruff
15 S16 Andre Hunter Courville
16 S17 Anita Stamm - Genealogy -as given to Marjorie Thibodeaux Conner
17 S18 Anna Marie Hayes
Anna Marie Hayes 
18 S24 Arthur O. Kohn
19 S25 Ascension Parish Church Records
20 S26 Babin Genealogy - internet
21 S27 Baptismal Certificate
22 S28 Barbara Blevins
23 S29 Barry Grosman
24 S31 Beloved Acadia of My Ancestors by Yvon Leger
25 S32 Beota Hébert
26 S33 Bernice Libersat Hébert
27 S34 Betty Jane Simon Veillon
28 S35 Birth Certificate, Fresno County, California
29 S36 Birth Certificate, Los Angeles County, California
30 S37 Birth Certificate, Teaneck, New Jersey
31 S38 Birth Certificate, Tulsa, Oklahoma
32 S39 Bob Benson
33 S40 Bon Arsenault - Les Registers de Bonaventure
34 S41 Bona Arsenault Vol 2 page 688 - Historie Genealogies des Acadians
35 S52 Broussard Church
36 S43 Broussard, Descendants of Francois and Nicolas
Michael Conover 
37 S313 California Marriage Certificate
38 S330 California Vital Records
39 S44 Camye Bagley Thibodaux
40 S47 Carencro Church
41 S45 Carol-Lea Thibodeaux Magee
42 S46 Cathedral of St. John The Evangelist Cemetery and Burial Records
43 S322 Census of 1900
44 S60 Charles J. Beaugh
45 S61 Charles Thibodeau
46 S62 Charles Thibodeaux - Genealogy
47 S63 Charlie Delaney
48 S19 Church of Immaculate Conception in Mobile, Alabama
49 S64 Cindy Bonin
Cindy Bonin 
50 S65 civil register

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